Being a part of Creating Connected Communities and Amy’s Holiday Party over the past few years has allowed me to grow as a leader. Through working with this project, I have learned invaluable lessons in working with non-profits and about communities. Working so closely with my fellow Jewish teens has taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to be in the future. This summer I am working as a counselor at a Jewish summer camp and know I will be comfortable and confident in this position because of all the skills I have learned working with kids, teens and adults through Amy’s Holiday Party.

Stefanie, LTP Alumni

I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort and organization that you put into today’s event. It was absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring to be a part of the group of hard-working volunteers who made a difference in the lives of so many people. You should be very proud of all that you have done with CCC. Thanks for the opportunity to pitch in!

Linda, LTP Parent  

Over the past few years, participating with Amy’s Holiday Party, and now Creating Connected Communities, has impacted me in countless ways. As I have participated with this organization, I have been able to learn many important skills and have even grown as a person. Serving on the teen committee has forced me to make speeches or lead activities in front of a large audience, something at first I was not comfortable with. After being on the committee though, I have learned to embrace and use public speaking as an opportunity to grow. While working to plan the party, I was faced with assignments that I usually would not have been comfortable doing. With the support of the other members of the committee though, I completed the tasks, which has provided me with confidence that I have applied to school and other areas of my life. As I have watched the organization grow, the most significant thing I have learned is that you can truly make a difference. Seeing how meaningful this holiday party is to so many people has opened my eyes to the necessity of community service throughout my life. Because of the impact this organization has made in my life, I have started volunteering with many other organizations including tutoring at-risk students, caring for underprivileged children in an after-school program, and assisting at homeless shelters. Volunteering with this organization has even led me to want to pursue a career that can positively impact peoples’ lives. The skills and lessons I have learned from participating with Creating Connected Communities are invaluable; whether it is with college interviews, job interviews, school, or even another community service project, these skills can be applied to everything and anything I do.

Nicole, LTP Alumni

After attending the orientation for the Leadership Training Program, I realized how important and worthwhile this organization is to many people. I listened to Amy’s story of how her holiday party began and saw just how dedicated all the teen volunteers were. I feel that this organization is a life changing experience for both the people who attend the party and those who volunteer to learn about the leadership skills it takes to implement it. I think my daughter will always remember the lessons she learned, how she can make a difference in her community, and just how rewarding giving back can be. I am thrilled she has this opportunity.

Lori, LTP Parent  

Thank you! I had a blast at the holiday party!! It was so fun and run very well! I was so impressed with how many toys and clothes and games there were! You do an unbelievable thing!

Emily, Amy’s Holiday Party Teen Volunteer

Thank you so much for everything today! I had an incredible time and I think that today could not have gone any better. Thank you so much for letting us teens be involved because it honestly is one of my favorite things I do and thank you so much for the opportunity and for all that you do!

Ashley, LTP Teen Co-Chair