Creating Connected Communities’ mission is to provide young adults with tools and resources to assist people in need and to help them become community leaders through partnership, advocacy and mentorship training.

Teenagers are often shut out of meaningful and interactive volunteer opportunities due to their age.  CCC provides these young people with a chance to get involved in their community and learn about social responsibility.

Not only does CCC provide a community service opportunity for hundreds of Atlanta teens, but it also provides a program where teen committee members learn about the societal, educational, and economic implications of being homeless, in foster care or having refugee status. In addition, our teens learn how to structure and operate a non-profit organization, how to solicit funds, and how to advocate for a cause.

  • Each year, 30-40 Jewish Atlanta teens apply to participate in a year-long Leadership Training Program and work together to plan a community-wide celebration, Amy’s Holiday Party, which began in 1995.
  • Each cohort begins in January and ends in December. Applications for next year’s committee will be available this December.

Phone-a-thon photoThe LTP Committee raising money at the 2012 Phone-A-Thon! They’re having so much fun reaching out and making new connections!!

If you are interested in becoming an LTP participant, please sign up for our newsletter (on left side of the screen) and contact Amy at to learn about our upcoming events.